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NEW 100% Mulberry silk knitted hair towel and cosmetic face towel

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It is known that drying your hair with a regular towel is harmful to your hair. Not only does the hair ends split, but the hair breaks very close to the scalp. This is because a regular towel is too rough and too heavy. Daily hair care, such as washing and drying, has the greatest impact on the condition of the hair. 

We recommend using this 100 percent. Mulberry silk knit towel for hair. You will feel the difference right away. This towel not only absorbs moisture perfectly, but also dries quickly on its own. The towel is elastic and light, has an extremely soft texture. This is a really great helper in your daily beauty routine :)

For the facial care products you use, such as masks and lotions, to be more effective, you initially need to soften the facial skin with the pores open. A natural silk cosmetic face towel is perfect for this. Keep the towel on your face moistened and dried in hot water for at least 5 minutes before performing the procedures. You can now perform the procedures. Just like a beauty salon! :) It is also great for wiping the face. Has a mild skin exfoliating effect. The soft texture of the silk knitwear will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Composition: dense and durable 100 percent. Mulberry silk knitwear and natural silk decorative ribbon around.

Dimensions 114x100cm and 28x28cm

Care: wash by hand with neutral PH7.