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About us

On May 19, SILK & SLEEP celebrates its birthday. And most of all I am :) This year for the third time :) so I want to tell you more about this project. Many specialists in their field contributed to the creation of the e-shop. Photographers, stylists, designers, copywriters. Also skeptics and critics from various fields: D

Indeed, in order for this brand to be as it is today, every little detail had to be thought through. To do this, I had to read and master many books in different fields. It did not take long to complete the studies at the VAA. It also took time, experience and skills to manage it, and there was definitely room for improvement :)

From the initial idea to the operation of the e-shop, the preparation took ten months. Because of this, I often repeat that this is like my second baby :) and today he is three years old. This is not my first project, nor is it my main activity. But thanks to all of you, SILK & SLEEP buyers, this project is gaining momentum. I’m very excited to watch it grow. And again, that’s thanks all of you :) So I want to thank you all very much! First of all, for the trust and for such great reviews, which make me happy to heaven every time :) The highest rating when you buy again and again. Then I know I did everything right. Yes, thank you for your understanding, because there is always a human factor :) but in any case I have been, am and will always be on your side, my dear and dear customers! :) Let's celebrate together :) On this occasion I give a discount for all goods, and the code GIMTADIENIUX 

If you are a SILK & SLEEP customer, you can welcome us by leaving your feedback on the FB page. THANK YOU!!!!

With us, Carolina :)


Our vision is reflected by our logo, a silk butterfly Bombyx Mori whose wings remind two connected hearts. Thousands of silkworms work together in harmony to make natural magic- strings of silk.

After a long day all of us deserve quality rest and sleep. The answer to such sleep is silk. 

Our products are made using the highest quality Mulberry charmeuse, certified and non-toxic dyed silk. The silk we use is 25 momme-the best quality you can find. It stands out for its softness and thickness. Most importantly, it is anti-creasing and non-transparent. Long-term use of the product is guaranteed if cared and washed properly.

Our goal is happy and satisfied clients. We always draw our attention to material quality and service. All our products are made in Lithuania by our amazing seamstress Dinara. We are very proud of her professional and accurate work. Every smallest detail is made with experience, knowledge and love. 

When you sleep, silk works for you.

When you buy silk, every 5% of every purchase goes to charity. Isn't the sleep sweeter when you know you helped someone in need? 

This is what we believe in - in hearts connected by the strings of devotion. In harmony of comfortable sleep and in beauty of creating and sharing.