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100% Natural Mulberry silk pillowcase MARILYN, model Cambridge, color Pink, 25mm

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Natural silk pillowcase MARILYN (model Cambridge- without frame). Available in sizes 50x65, 50x70 and custom.

You can submit the size of the individual pillow cover by e-mail. The fabric of the pillowcase CHARMEUSE is designed specifically for bedding and is washable both by hand and in the washing machine, unlike Italian silk, which is only suitable for dry cleaning and which is only suitable for clothes or accessories. According to the certificate, this silk is assigned 150 washes to complete wear, so the product is really long-lasting. Our pillow case is professionally sewn with double seam technology that prevents silk from falling apart. The pillow cover is closed with a high-quality and long-lasting YKK zipper. This fastening prevents the free silk from wrinkling and prevents the pillow from slipping out of the cover. The cover also looks more aesthetically pleasing to use. Each pillowcase is packed in a luxurious box :) This color silk is painted to special order by SILK & SLEEP and is a unique and enchantingly beautiful color.

Product information was submitted on March 3, 2020

cover size provided when ordering. The name of the pillow case is inspired by the legendary movie Icon Marilyn Monroe and created for you to enjoy a comfortable and quality sleep. This cover is made of the highest quality 25mom Mulberry charmeuse silk.

After a long day, the softness of the silk relaxes and allows you to fall asleep faster. The unique composition of silk contains many useful benefits to preserve your beauty and youth. No more tangled hair or sleep marks on the face. Silk is antistatic, antibacterial, it does not breed dust mites, mold, fungus. To preserve youth, it is very important to maintain a balance of moisture in the skin and hair. Silk absorbs less moisture from your hair and skin than cotton. You will no longer need to share your night cream or serum with a pillow. Sleeping on silk will eventually restore your hair and skin to a natural glow.

Really so! clear skin and healthy hair sleeping on silk!

The unique composition of silk maintains excellent heat balance and breathes well. Heats when cold and cools when hot. As a result, silk bedding is suitable for all seasons. 
Try and feel the difference!